Flow Control Technology is a recognized air quality leader in the healthcare industry. We design and install systems that ensure your facilities are in compliance with all applicable codes, creating a safe environment for both patients and staff while reducing energy costs and reaching maximum performance.

Products & Manufacturers

Phoenix Controls Logo
Phoenix Control’s family of airflow-control devices and environmental space-control systems have been designed to meet the increasing need for infection control, energy conservation, and reliable space pressurization with a maintenance-free product. The Theris solution is currently being used in patient areas, operating rooms, and critical support areas.
Aircuity logo
Aircuity’s demand control ventilation (DCV) technology continuously monitors critical IEQ factors and informs building ventilation control systems to provide appropriate levels of fresh air at all times. Operating rooms require significant fresh air flow when in use, and the Aircuity system ensures a healthy environment while reducing energy cost.
Strobic Air Technologies Logo
Strobic Corporation’s Tri–Stack exhaust fan is used in hospital labs and isolation rooms utilizing a direct drive in lieu of belts to avoid contaminated parts, a safer environment for HEPA change-out, redundancy when changing filters, and maintenance-free operation.
Air Monitor Logo
Since 1967, Air Monitor is the premier manufacturer of innovative airflow management instrumentation. They provide application-driven, engineered solutions to the critical building management, health care, laboratory, industrial process, and power-generating industries.
Badger Meter Logo
In times of increased global health concerns, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are dealing with rapidly changing patient numbers and subsequently, higher loads on their HVAC equipment. For facility engineers, products like the Dynasonics TFX-5000 ultrasonic flow meter provide an accurate solution for flow and energy measurement without shutting systems down. From HVAC to plumbing and water services, Badger Meter’s flow meters are specifically designed to provide solutions that are accurate and reliable, even under the most challenging conditions.